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Masters of Modding at GamesCom 2012

While Apple sells the world on a dream comprised of 50 shades of grey, the hardcore modders among you will crave something a little different. Over at GamesCom 2012, a large section of Hall 11 has been dedicated to the past (retro gaming), present (extreme sports) and the future (experimental games and modded systems). KitGuru fires up the Dremel for a quick scan of the PCs on show.

The German Casemod Championships (DCMM) have been held at the enormous GamesCom event in Cologne, Germany. Fired up by the specialist forum We-Mod-It and sponsored by a number of companies, including Aixit (Field Managed Cloud Computing Experts) – the DCMM is an amazing event.

Teams are given a great studio set up, with a wide range of tools already provided – but they can bring their own as well. Each entry has 24 hours to be completed and, if our operative understood the German instructions properly, your team can have a total break of 45 minutes in that 24 hour period.


There’s not a lot else we can add to this intro, because the work rate, imagination and results really do speak for themselves. So, in no particular order, here’s a low-level fly-by of some of the best ’24 hour builds’ that the modding world has ever seen:-

Cute as they come, this fully functional/mobile Wall-E mod had the girls cooing
The attention to detail from every team, was amazing. They instantly re-make anything that isn't perfect.
You can see the process in action, from initial chassis work, to fine detail and the final dream PC
The outside of this mod looks like something Ikea sells to keep kid's toys organised - until you look deep inside and find an overclocked PC. The blue riser? That's the heat dissipation tower for the water cooling.
Each team had its own sponsors as well - and some of the designs look commercial enough to sell in stores
Some intriguing designs were under wraps when the KitGuru Lens arrived. The DCMM Kontrollers keep a VERY close eye on the clocks next to each stand. No cheating on their watch (Groan - Ed)
Console-inspired, this little beauty would grace any chassis vendor's range
Some modders focus on creating brand new chassis, while other seek to improve existing designs from companies like Cooler Master - then O/C the internals. Each has it's own unique flavour
Watching a craftsman working MDF into intricate shapes is one thing - but when they precision apply the walnut veneer, you know things are getting serious. Classic FM mod anyone?
The evil witch ran off before we could snap her - but we managed to get the Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House mod on film. The imagination and detail on these are just so impressive.
How big is this Dark Star mod?
To give you an idea, we borrowed a Blackberry 9900 and placed it next to the stand. OMG anyone?


KitGuru says: Frankly, we were blown away by these mods. It’s not just the range and scale of the various entries – but the fact that all of the teams are working off a fairly level playing field in terms of tools and time. Everyone in the KitGuru Labs has a favourite – and no two are the same. What about you?

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