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The Witcher 3 now has mod tools

The Witcher 3 has been out for a while now and a few mods have been made for the game, though modders previously had to find their own way around. CD Projekt Red is hoping to make things a little easier and pave the way for more mods today with the …

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CableMod ModFlex Cables

For some while now CableMod has been happy to provide a kit of cables for your modular power supply. They cover specific models of BeQuiet!, Corsair, EVGA and SeaSonic at a cost about £70 with the idea is that you bin your dull black cables for a braided set in …

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Masters of Modding at GamesCom 2012

While Apple sells the world on a dream comprised of 50 shades of grey, the hardcore modders among you will crave something a little different. Over at GamesCom 2012, a large section of Hall 11 has been dedicated to the past (retro gaming), present (extreme sports) and the future (experimental …

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Dawn of a new Ice Age with Cryo PC

Ten thousand years after the last great ice age receded (forming the Vale of Aylesbury on its way), Alan Johnson formed Cryo PC in the sleepy village of Granborough. KitGuru went to investigate. His technical team have all concealed their secret lives as ‘enthusiast overclockers’ by working real jobs in …

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