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EKWB introduce new ‘tools of the trade’

EKWB has launched some new tools, essential for building hard line and soft tube custom liquid cooling systems. The tools of the trade include a soft tube cutter and hard tube bending jig to accurately produce angled bends in hard-line water-cooling solutions. The new tools from EKWB will help to …

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The Unity development platform might be up for sale

Unity has been a hit with indie game developers, providing the tools to create high quality games on a budget. However, it looks like the platform may soon have a new owner as Unity is reportedly up for sale. A presentation outlining the value of the business is apparently doing …

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Masters of Modding at GamesCom 2012

While Apple sells the world on a dream comprised of 50 shades of grey, the hardcore modders among you will crave something a little different. Over at GamesCom 2012, a large section of Hall 11 has been dedicated to the past (retro gaming), present (extreme sports) and the future (experimental …

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