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EKWB introduce new ‘tools of the trade’

EKWB has launched some new tools, essential for building hard line and soft tube custom liquid cooling systems. The tools of the trade include a soft tube cutter and hard tube bending jig to accurately produce angled bends in hard-line water-cooling solutions.

The new tools from EKWB will help to assists users when building either hard or soft line liquid cooling setups. EKWB’s new EK-Loop Soft Tube Cutter is ideal for making precise cuts in either PVC, EPDM, Norprene, Silicon or any other flexible tubing, while the EK-Loop Moulus Hard Tube Bending Tool will enable the creation of accurate angled bends in rigid, hard tube such as PETG.

EK-Loop Soft Tube Cutter is a pocket-size tool specifically designed for cutting soft tubing. It is compatible with all types of soft tubing used in building custom PC liquid cooling loops. The cutter will make precise and even cuts in soft tubing to produce the perfect fit onto EK fittings and provide a neat finish on barb fittings where the cut is visible. The EK-Loop Soft Tube Cutter will cut tubing up to a maximum outer diameter of 16mm or 5/8”.

EKWB’s EK-Loop Modulus tool is available in three variants to suit a selection of tube outer diameters sizes, including 12mm, 14mm and 16mm. The EK-Loop Modulus bending tool will create accurate 45° or 90 ° angled bends in hard tubing such as acrylic or PETG, to eliminate error. The EK-Loop Modulus tool is manufactured from a solid piece of POM acetal for durability.

Both these new tools from EKWB are available to order through the EKB webstore or official EKWB retailers now. The EK-Loop Soft Tube Cutter is priced at €4.94 while the EK-Loop Modulus Hard Tube Bending Tool costs €25.10.

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KitGuru says: EKWB’s new tools of the trade are ideal for achieving the professional-looking finish when building hard or soft line liquid cooling system. What do you guys think of these new tools from EKWB?

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