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Computex: In Win unleashes robot case, other new products feature wood panels

In Win is definitely a company that is not afraid to push boundaries and innovate. It is definitely showing off some innovative products at Computex 2017, not least of which is its new Winbot case. Seemingly a hybrid creation, part robot and part computer case, it is undeniably bonkers but also undeniably captivating.

As you can see in the images above, the Winbot is unlike any other case you will have ever seen. For one, it is completely spherical and also completely transparent. On-top of that, it uses a camera and motion detection to ‘swing' around on its axis to follow you as you move around it. Lastly, you can also use Winbot's facial detection feature to (presumably) unlock your desktop, and also to take selfies. Why not.

We haven't got information on pricing or availability yet, but I am sure Winbot will not come cheap.

Elsewhere, In Win was also keen to show off its three new cases with wooden panelling: the 305, the 806 and the Gaming Cube A1. As you can see, the 305 has a much subtler wooden panel while the chassis seems to keep the same internal design as the 301. The 806, however, goes all-out with its curved wood (which our man Leo Waldock believes to be plywood) while its interior is a bit more conventional. Lastly, the Gaming Cube A1 is an ITX design with in-built RGB LEDs and two tempered glass panels.

Lastly, there were also a couple of seemingly ‘regular' cases on show – the 101C and the 301C. We would imagine these cases will be a bit cheaper than the other, more high-end offerings, to appeal to those looking for some In Win design flair without breaking the bank.

KitGuru says: In Win has always been a company that can amaze, and at Computex they are truly showing off some breathtaking products. What do you folks reckon – is the Winbot a good idea? Personally, I love the look of the 806 case and its curved wooden panel.

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