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Asus mainboard box IS your new Mini ITX chassis

Many smaller manufacturers across the globe have recycled the box that a chassis comes in. While the likes of Dell and HP have neat boxes printed, most of the smaller operations just send the complete PC straight back out in the chassis box. At CeBIT 2011, Asus has taken that concept one stage further. KitGuru gets a green logo tattooed on its face and sees what’s smouldering on the show floor.

Do you care what your PC looks like?

Interesting question, one that’s sure to split the KitGuru readership. It’s also key to a potential revolution kicking off on the Asus stand today. Using your Mini ITX mainboard box as the chassis for your next HTPC rig.

If you could make a PC from a free box, would you?

Forgetting laptops and tablets for a second, how many of us have used a PC for years that’s tucked under the table or hidden behind a huge TFT panel?

If you don’t see it, does it change function?  If you could have 2 systems, exactly the same specification, but one was £50 cheaper – which way would you go?

Not everyone will want to begin Origami when they unpack their brand new Mini ITX mainboard from Asus, but if you did, you might be surprised to find that it can safely hold an entire PC.

Asus is making a very clear statement about the way it’s considering the eco-aware-markets of the future.

Go on. Admit it. You want to know what happens when real bulbs are used and at a much higher wattage.

KitGuru says: Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if they work on the design and 10% of the world’s PCs ended up being made from the cardboard packaging your mainboard came in – would that be such a bad idea?  Safety concerns to one side for now, KitGuru’s interested to see where this might lead.

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