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Inwin HTPC and Gaming Chassis look amazing @ Computex

There are thousands of new cases on show here at Computex 2010. Some are so horrific that we can't bear to show you. Others test the word ‘new' in a very sad and un-innovative way. However, on the Inwin stand, we found a pair of beauties that any KitGuru would be happy to own [based on looks alone. Remember – they might be horrible in real world use – Ed].

Mini ITX is becoming more and more popular, without too many products actually becoming famous. We think this solid-build little number might find its way into more homes than previous candidates. The solid-build is backed up by smooth lines, classy colouring and neatly integrated handle, Nice.

Best looking mini-ITX ever?

Alongside this gorgeous pint-sized beauty was a pair of roughnecks that immediately grabbed KitGuru's attention.


Solid metal finish.


Make these cases in anything less than hardcore plastic and solid metal, and the effect would be weak. Once you get hands-on, the desirability shoots right up. Great internal layout, stylish good looks and ready for anything – as you can tell from the water-cooling cut outs on the back.

Pair of bruisers.
Water? Cool.

KitGuru says: Without taking them apart in the lab and testing in the real world, you cannot be 100% certain. However, we'd been pulling cases apart for more than a decade and we can smell quality a mile off. These cases have got ‘the right stuff'. Unless the production models are screwed in a really bad way – or the street price is stupid – these cases will put Inwin on the serious-chassis-found-here map for the first time in a long time.

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