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540MB/sec transfer – move over Intel? @ Computex

Almost every floor at the Grand Hyatt in Taipei has secret rooms, packed full of technological goodies. With a blatant disregard for the state of our shoe-leather, KitGuru plodded each and every floor to find the very coolest info for our readers. Once you find a room, it's not always immediately obvious what the best product in that room is. But then you find it. And you know. Oh yes. You know.

OCZ's original Z-Drive was demoed at CeBIT 2009. It provided 1TB of storage in a massive plug-in card and cost the best part of £3,000 on the shelves in the UK.

What's really needed, it something a lot slimmer, lighter and potent.

Enter the brand new Z-Drive.

Considering what it does, it's amazingly small.

It looks a lot like an old SoundBlaster Live, but it is so much more.

The memory has been fully populated on both sides and it uses the fastest controller technology available.

Now that's what we call fully populated 32


Well, OCZ claims that it can drive data through at 540 MEGA BYTES A SECOND.

Sorry. Had to press the CAPS key for that one.


If that figure is true and can be verified using HD Tach, then it would put the OCZ product 25% ahead of Intel's X.25 drives in a RAID 0 configuration.

Molten wax? Oh the games people play.

There were a few ‘secret ingredients' hidden under wax, but we're not sure why just yet. But we will find out. Oh yes, we will find out.

KitGuru says: Wowzer.

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  1. 25% faster and at least 300% more expensive 🙂 looks good though, nice idea.

  2. Yeah these are mega money – if anything the cheap Intel drives in raid look more tempting compared to this expensive solution !

  3. Quality product, but unfortnuiately out of the price range of most people. You would need to be loaded to afford this item. no retail price mentioned but at least $1000

  4. yeah fast interface, great idea. now they need to make a version which costs half the price, because these things are seriously mega bucks

  5. You don’t get these in Woolworth’s Xmas crackers then ?

  6. Langgong T. Amercano

    The person who pmade the price tage is Steve Jobs Jr.; US$3000 for a US$500 product.
    Or like pricing an intel atom powered mac air with the price tag of one second hand american branded car.