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PMC and Memblaze unveil PCIe SSD with 8TB capacity, 3.2GB/s bandwidth

PMC-Sierra, a leading designer of storage controllers, and Memblaze, a producer of high-end storage accelerators, have unveiled a new extreme-performance PBlaze4 solid-state drive that boasts both extreme capacity and extreme performance. The Memblaze PBlaze4 solid-state storage solution is powered by PMC’s Flashtec NVM Express (NVMe) controllers, use PCI Express 2.0 …

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Crucial unloads 960GB SSD at just £449

Megatron would be proud. While mere mortals scratch around trying to make 60/120GB SSD drives last for the lifetime of their system, those armed with 240GB and above have managed to look suitably smug. Until now. KitGuru pulls out the trusty abacus to see exactly how many NAND gates have …

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540MB/sec transfer – move over Intel? @ Computex

Almost every floor at the Grand Hyatt in Taipei has secret rooms, packed full of technological goodies. With a blatant disregard for the state of our shoe-leather, KitGuru plodded each and every floor to find the very coolest info for our readers. Once you find a room, it’s not always …

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