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Cubitek ATX ICE Case Review

Cubitek have chosen to use aluminium exclusively in the construction of the case which keeps weight down to a minimum.  The surface has been anodised black and brushed which gives the case a very high quality appearance.

The front, top, back and underside of the case are formed from two pieces of extruded aluminium that has been bent into shape.  There are two joins, one on the roof off the case and one on the underside.  These aren’t ideally placed as they are quite obvious and don’t look great.  We think Cubitek would have been better locating them on the back and underside of the case.

On the top of the case we find the front panel connections which include two USB2.0 ports, two USB3.0 ports and headphone and microphone jacks.  There is also a 140mm fan vent cut into the top of the case which features the same cheap feeling mesh as the vent in the front of the case.

We find the power and reset buttons on the front of the case to the right of the four 5.25” external drive bays.  These don’t have a very refined action but thankfully feel robust.

Cubitek has cut a large section out of the front of the case to accommodate a large area of steel mesh to provide airflow for the 200mm intake fan.  This is probably to keep costs down but it feels cheap and detracts from the otherwise sleek aesthetics of the case.

We would much prefer to see Cubitek drilling holes directly in the aluminium in a similar fashion to Lian Li.

Cubitek have chosen a rather unusual method of securing the side panels of the case.  Rather than using screws in the back, each panel is secured with four hex thumbscrews, one in each corner, which screw directly into the side panel.  This gives the case a slightly industrial appearance.

Moving round to the rear of the case, everything is in the usual place.  There is a 120mm exhaust vent located next to the I/O panel and there are eight vented expansion slots which mean that the case supports quad graphics cards.  At the bottom we find the power supply cut out.

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