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Cubitek ATX ICE Case Review

After removing the side panel from the ATX ICE we are greeted by the vast expanse of space inside.  The first thing that we noticed was they haven’t painted the internals completely black, which is disappointing.

The motherboard tray, expansions slots and all of the drive bays have a bare silver aluminium finish.  The inside of our sample was covered in finger marks when we opened it up and, as far as we can tell, it hadn’t been to another reviewer previously.

We are also a little disappointed at the number of cooling options available in the case.  There are only four locations in the entire chassis and they don’t have the flexibility to take different sized fans.  For example, there are no 120mm mounting points in the roof of the case where there is a 140mm fan installed.

If you are looking to build a water cooled system then you’ll be sorely disappointed.  Without significant modifications to the case there is no way of installing more than a single radiator in this case.  That also means that you can’t use the Corsair H100 in the ATX ICE.

Considering the vast width of the case compared to most models on the market, we were a little surprised at the lack of room behind the motherboard tray for cable routing.

There are also no points for securing cable ties which makes cable routing more complex.  Cubitek have cut a sufficient amount of holes into the motherboard tray for cable routing but the rubber grommets fall out far to easily and are difficult to put back in.

Cubitek have also cut a large hole into the motherboard tray to facilitate the installation of a CPU cooler.  This is very large and should be compatible with the vast majority of motherboards on the market.  None of the included fans have any kind of vibration suppressing grommets which immediately raised a red flag.

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