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Silverstone Raven RV04 Case Review

Removing the side panels of the RV04 is simple thanks to the use of thumbscrews.  The roof can also be removed in a similar fashion, allowing access to the top of the case where the power supply can be mounted.


Installing the power supply is pretty simple, as it slots snugly into the top and can be secured into place using four screws through the back of the system.


There is plenty of room behind the motherboard tray for cable routing, and plenty of holes cut into it for cable routing.  These don’t feature rubber grommets, though, which is a little disappointing.


The motherboard tray itself is actually removable from the case.  This makes it easy to install the motherboard into the system, especially when you want to install a motherboard with a CPU cooler pre-attached.  There is a large cut-out for attaching a CPU cooler backplate, in case you want to attach it after installing the motherboard.


On the left hand side of the case there are seven hard drive bays which support 3.5″ units only.  These benefit from the airflow generated by the two 180mm fans in the front of the case.  There are also four 2.5″ drive mounting points in the base of the case.


Installing a graphics card is fairly simple as Silverstone have cut holes into the case to let you access the expansion card screws with a screwdriver.  Once the graphics card is installed, you can also install a GPU support bracket which holds the card in place and should help prevent damage when you move it around.


In a similar fashion, there is a CPU cooler support bracket in the bottom of the case which can be adjusted for CPU coolers of different sizes.  We were a little disappointed by the CPU cooler headroom as we found the fan of our Noctua NH-D14 actually came into contact with the side panel when installed.  Anything bigger may not fit at all.

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