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SilverStone Temjin TJ04-E Evolution Case Review

The TJ04-E is supplied in a large cardboard box which features a black livery, containing a great deal of information about the case within.  There is also a large diagram on the box which illustrates some of the key features.  Inside the box, the case is sandwiched between two slabs of polystyrene for protection.

SilverStone supply all of the screws and fittings that are required for installation.  There are a few other complimentary items in the box including a selection of cable ties, some SATA power adapters and heatsinks to help cool the hard drives.

It’s clear that SilverStone are targeting the high end of the market with the TJ04-E, as it has a simple but elegant visage.  Even though the main chassis is constructed from SECC steel, SilverStone has covered the front panel in black brushed aluminium, which looks lovely.

Even though the power and reset buttons are located on the front of the case, the front panel connections are actually located on the top.  This is great for users who keep their tower under the desk as they are more easily accessible.

Both of the USB ports support are 3.0 standard and connect to the motherboard via a USB3.0 header.  There are also headphone and microphone jacks which are fed by an internal HD audio connector.

Rather than integrate any air intake fans into the front panel of the case, SilverStone has mounted them in the side instead.  There are two 120mm fan locations at the front of the right hand side panel.  One of these locations is populated with a SilverStone branded 120mm fan.

There are also two 140mm exhaust fan locations in the roof of the case and a further one in the rear of the case.  SilverStone include two 120mm exhaust fans, one in the rear and one in the roof.  There is another 120mm fan vent in the floor next to the power supply vent.  Both of these are dust filtered to prevent carpet fluff being sucked in.

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  • Joseph

    I have the older version of this case and I think a few changes are worth making. That said, I think they could have done a little more to make it tool less and perhaps adapt the front bay area to slide in and out with a single screw. Lian Li do this and its simple. one screw, easily accessable by finger. remove. slide out. back in again.

  • Harris

    It is rather expensive in the UK< I think in the USA it would work out around £85 which seems more reasonable. One of the joys of living in the UK. so I hear.

  • Fat bloke with beard

    I wish more of these companies would put a little handle on the top of the case to move around, makes life so much easier. WOuld have worked well with this case.

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