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CES 2020: EKWB AIOs, CPU blocks, distribution plates and more

While our guys are out in Las Vegas at CES 2020, Leo and Luke have been looking around the EKWB suite to see what’s to come in 2020 from the liquid cooling experts. While many of the items on display from EKWB are already available, there are a few new products that caught Leo’s attention.

EKWB originally planned to have its EK Fluid gaming systems assembled and sold via a 3rd party company in Europe. However, Leo has learned that the systems will eventually be available directly from EKWB via the company’s Webstore. The EK Fluid Gaming System on display at CES features a Lian Li PC-O11 case with front-mounted water distribution plate that Leo was impressed by.

Another new product that grabbed both Leo and Luke’s attention at the EK booth was a closed-loop all-in-one CPU cooler. The EK-AIO features premium looking tubing with braided sleeving and aluminium accents. Both the unique pump housing and the included EK-Vardar fans are equipped with RGB lighting and EKWB is expecting to launch 240mm, 280mm and 360mm versions of the EK-AIO. EKWB claims that pricing of the new AIO will be competitive to similar solutions from Corsair and the EK-AIO range is scheduled to launch very soon.

A heavily modified InWin 909 chassis on display at the EKWB CES booth, we originally saw this system earlier in 2019 as a mod. EKWB has now launched this as a product that is available to purchase, the modified InWin 909 includes a plexiglass distribution plate and will be a limited edition of 100 units priced at around £1500.

EKWB has developed a new distribution plate specifically for the Phanteks Evolv X chassis now, the design features an integrated D5 pump and plexiglass appearance. Two other case-specific distribution plates from EKWB include one huge contraption for the Corsair Obsidian 1000D that fits into the case on sliding rails. The third new distribution plate from EKWB is designed for the Fractal Design Define R6 which is a very popular case for water cooling enthusiasts that Leo thinks will be a big seller.

Current EKWB products on show at CES included the new EK-Quantum range of pump/reservoir combos. The EK-Quantum range has both traditional cylindrical designs as well as a range of flat pump/reservoir combos, available in 120mm, 240mm and 360mm sizes featuring either D5 or DDC pumps. Leo can’t wait to get his hands on the EK-Quantum range to see how they perform.

EKWB’s range of Magnitude CPU blocks were first introduced at Computex 2019, EKWB has added to the Magnitude CPU block line with AMD variants now, something that both Leo and Luke were happy to see. The Magnitude line has been held back from launch by EKWB until the company tests new CPU blocks from a manufacturer in the US who claims to have made the best performing CPU water block on the market. EKWB plan to test these CPU blocks against their own Magnitude blocks to see if this claim is valid before launch.

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KitGuru says: PC water cooling enthusiasts are always interested to see what new products EKWB has to offer and there was a couple of new things on show at CES. What do you guys think of the new products coming from EKWB that we saw?

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