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Phanteks officially announces the Eclipse P500A case and the SK fans

Earlier this week, the first online listings for the Phanteks Eclipse P500A chassis began surfacing and now, the company is officially ready for launch. We've had the chance to review the Phanteks Eclipse P500A already, offering high airflow and other handy features for DIY PC builders. 

Positioned between the P400 and the P600S, the P500A features the same award-winning 1mm meshed front panel as the other Phanteks Eclipse “A” cases. With support for an extensive set of air/water cooling components, including up to 420mm radiators, you can house two systems inside the P500A if you use it with a PH-ITXKT_R01 upgrade kit and a Revolt X power supply. The tempered glass side panel can be conveniently removed to upgrade or to do maintenance on your system with ease. Depending on the model, the P500A comes with a pair of 140mm black SK fans or 3x D-RGB SK fans.

The P500A package includes 3x dedicated 2.5-inch SSD brackets and 2x 3.5-inch stackable HDD brackets, that can be further expanded with 3 extra 3.5-inch stackable HDD brackets. There's also a D-RGB controller in the P500A D-RGB variants, allowing you to customise the RGB lighting of the fans and the D-RGB light trim located on the PSU shroud.

Featuring a 9-blade, rigid frame design, PWM, and rubber dampeners, the SK fans are ideally used as case fans. The use of PWM and the silent sleeve “Rifle Bearing” allows them to “offer high airflow or a quiet cooling solution”. These airflow optimised fans are available as 140mm and 120mm fans, with or without RGB lighting, as a single product and in packs of 3. The D-RGB fan variants are equipped with 12 LEDs integrated into the hub and use translucent blades to provide a “smooth” lighting effect. Additionally, they also come with D-RGB Daisy-Chain connectors that can be connected to a motherboard, controller, or a Phatenks compatible case.

The 120mm fan RPMs range from 500 to 1500 (+5%/-10%), generating a maximum airflow of 50CFM and maximum air pressure of 0.96mmH2O, with a rated noise level of 27dBA and an MTBF of 40000 hours. The 140mm SK fans have the same RPM range, MTBF as the 120mm counterparts, but generate up to 84.5CFM and 1.23mmH2O, and have a rated noise level of 36 dBA.

The Phanteks Eclipse P500 is available via Overclockers UK for £89.99. Meanwhile, the Eclipse P500A with RGB fans is available in black or white for £117.95. You can read our review of the Phanteks Eclipse P500A, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: What do you all think of the new Phanteks Eclipse P500A family of cases? Is this something you'd consider for your next build?  

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