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Computex: Streacom’s DB4 reinvents the fanless case design

Streacom is looking to change how you look at fanless PC cases with the launch of its new DB4 chassis at this year's Computex. Combining thick, 13mm aluminium panels, with built in heat-pipes that run perpendicular to them, the heat is funnelled away from internal components, keeping your system cool and quiet.

The DB4 is quite a striking design, something that Streacom describes as “monolithic,” like. Its ridged, aluminium side panels provide a large surface for convection to take place and are able to handle up to 120w of combined CPU cooling.

db403 db401

I say CPU cooling, because those panels are hooked up to heatpipes which funnel the heat away from the processor to those side panels. The layout of those pipes is designed to keep the heat away from other components, preventing them from being impacted by how hard the CPU is working.

The CPU mount on the DB4 is compatible with any socket, we're told and features a copper shim between the CPU's own heat sink and the heat pipes, allowing for a persistent copper connection.

Beyond cooling though, Streacom has made all of this case's side panels removable, making it much easier to put your PC together. It's also been designed to avoid the industrial looks of many fanless cases, creating something that should be able to fit in with your other electronics and hardware.

db404 db402

The case is limited to ITX motherboards, but can take a dual slot PCIExpress card up to 200mm if needed and there is enough space for five, 3.5 inch drives if needed. You will need to have a small power supply though, as there isn't much room for one.

Pricing starts at 280 euros (£216).

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KitGuru Says: I do like the look of this case, especially since it would run silent. 120w isn't going to let you put a big graphics card in there, but for a good looking HTPC it might work well.

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