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Cooler Master Cosmos 2 and Trooper arrival dates firmed up

Looking around the Cooler Master private booth at Computex 2011 show you an array of new gaming (CM), mainstream (Cooler Master) and high-end (Choiix) products. So what DID catch the KitGuru spy’s eye?

The funny thing is that, even though a small fortune has been spent on the décor and layout, the coolest thing in the whole of the Cooler Master suite, is the tiny 3-letter sign superglued to a door in the corner.

It simply says “NDA”.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are typically used by companies who want to show customers/press early product – without it being discussed anywhere else.

To avoid any issues, we didn’t ask for access to the room (cos we have more than half an idea of what is on the other side).

The original Cosmos was a classic piece of design, with its iconic handles and brushed aluminium side panels – it remains a firm KitGuru favourite. Although companies like Scan have had a V2 for a while, it’s been more a case of ‘clever marketing’ rather than advanced access to the new stuff. The Cosmos 2 is a monster of a case – building on the existing design elements – but evolved to the latest materials and thinking. It’s looking to be a great choice for high-end workstation builds.

The Trooper looks exactly how you would expect. Strong features – evolved from the HAF side of the family – but with a tough rubberised exterior and an integrated carry handle that, for once, actually adds to the design. It’s plenty strong enough to pick up and throw around from LAN to LAN – which is exactly what it has been designed for.

KitGuru says: Sources inside the Cooler Master booth confirmed that both designs will be in stores in time for Christmas. We anticipate the Trooper being around the £100 mark with the Cosmos 2 closer to £149.

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