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CES: first look at Deepcool limited edition ‘Electro’ series and FRYZEN air cooler

CES is well under way at this point. Earlier this week we managed to cover the new launches from Deepcool but after swinging by their booth, we've managed to get a few more details and some of our own close-up pictures. This includes the limited edition Quadstellar and ARK 90 cases, the Limited edition Captain 240EX AIO and the brand new FRYZEN (not a typo) CPU cooler.

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These are ‘Electro' Limited Edition products, bringing a new silver and orange color scheme. For those who don't know, the Quadstellar case is the successor to the Tristellar, offering four main compartments for your build. It supports E-ATX motherboards, multiple graphics cards and various other parts, like the PSU and cooling components, which can all be separated into their own compartments in the case. The chassis frame is crafted using precision engineered cast aluminum, ensuring rigidity and a quality build. This particular limited edition case will set you back $599, meanwhile the regular Quadstellar costs $499.

The ARK 90 chassis is also getting an Electro Limited Edition. This case is developed specifically for the DIY water-cooling enthusiast, supporting E-ATX motherboards and offering a range of mounting options for cooling components. There is a specially designed external transparent water tube on the front of the case with a flow rotor. This way, your coolant can always be visible and you have easy access to adjust the flow rate. The side panel has a large tempered glass window so you can show off the internals and there are pre-integrated RGB strips to add a dash of color. This particular limited edition case will set you back $499, meanwhile the standard edition costs $299.

Finally, there is also an Electro Limited Edition of Deepcool's popular Captain 240EX RGB all-in-one liquid cooler. For this one, the radiator, fan shrouds and waterblock are completely silver, with orange accents, tubing and fans. This is the TR4 edition of the cooler, making it compatible with AMD's Ryzen Threadripper processors. These limited edition AIOs will launch with a $139 price tag, the standard edition costs $109.

There is one more announcement on the list and this time, it's a brand new product rather than a limited edition. Today, Deepcool is launching the FRYZEN air cooler for AMD's AM4/TR4 sockets. It's a sleek, black air cooler with six heat pipes, and an exclusive metal fan frame with inverse double-bladed fans, offering twice the air pressure compared to a traditional fan/shroud combo. There is also RGB all over the place, so there is plenty of opportunity for color customization. The FRYZEN air cooler will cost $89 at launch.

The Limited Edition cases and Captain240EX cooler will be available in May this year. Meanwhile, the FRYZEN air cooler will be available in April. All of the mirrored surfaces on the cases are actually mirrored, rather than just looking shiny. The Fryzen CPU cooler is only being made for AM4/TR4 so there is no Intel version planned for the time being. Finally, there will only be 100 units made for the Limited Edition Quadstellar and ARK 90 cases, so if you really want one, you'll need to be quick when they launch.

KitGuru Says: I'm not too sure on the name ‘Fryzen' for a cooler myself but aside from that, it looks quite nice. Certainly one of the more stylish air coolers around at the moment. That Limited Edition Quadstellar in particular looks stunning. What do you guys think of Deepcool's CES announcements?

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