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Cougar Evolution Chassis Review

First off, we install the Akasa Venom 750W Modular Power Supply.

We then installed our motherboard with no problems at all, as there was plenty of space around the motherboard tray.

We then installed the Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler and as you can see there is limited space at the top of the case and we would struggle to fit in at least one of the 120mm fans on top.

The mounting system for the 3.5″ bays is fairly simple, and involves just clipping our 3.5″ drives into place and sliding back the tray in. With a 2.5″ SSD however you will have to get a screwdriver out to screw it in place. That said, it is a simple method for mounting both 2.5″ and 3.5″ within the same tray system.

We installed the SSD first, but as you can see the trays are quite ‘bendy’ without much weight placed on them.

We then installed 2 x 1TB 3.5″ drives, which was extremely straightforward.

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