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NZXT Tempest EVO review

First up for testing is the Everest Stress test. This one stresses all the major subsystems of our test system except the GPU simultaneously. We are going to record and compare the temps at full speed as well as attached to the motherboard headers. The fans attached to the board will be controlled by the built in PWN function that automatically adjusts fan speeds based on temperatures. The ambient temperature in our test lab is a nice cool 17 degrees Celsius.

The NZXT fans were hardly audible when attached to our motherboard and when Molex powered they could easily be drowned out by the fan on the graphics card.

Even with these nice quiet fans the temperatures we encountered during the Everest stress test were very acceptable and only increased by a few degrees when switching from full speed to PWN controlled fans.

Once again after running Kombuster our temps were quite good.  Overall system and CPU temps only increased by 2 or 3 degrees Celsius.  The fan on the Asus EAH5850 was left on auto for this test and the GPU never surpassed 70c.  That could easily drop considerably with a fan profile or fixed fan speed but also shows the stock cooler does a decent job.

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