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NZXT Vulcan Case Review

The interior of the NZXT Vulcan is all black which is very common with cases released in the last year or so. KitGuru's really like black interiors as it tends to help clean up the appearance inside our chassis.  Inside the Vulcan there are 2 boxes tied in place.

Lets look inside and find out what goodies they contain. The smaller box contains the mounting hardware that comes with the case and a fairly detailed user guide.

The longer of the 2 boxes which is pictured below contains the handle that attaches to to top of the Vulcan.  This is accomplished using the 4 screws that were provided by NZXT and a small Philips screwdriver.

To get our build going we located an mATX motherboard. After installing the correct standoff's for the board we insert the I/O shield and secure the board in place. This particular motherboard has the 4 pin 12v input very close to the outer edge. This location combined with the location of the top fan grabbed our attention. There is very little space so cables will need to be tied away from any fan blades.

There are 2 separate places inside the Vulcan to install hard drives. The bottom drive bay is tool free and will hold 2 drives using the rails provided. One thing that stands out is that the drive installs so that the cables connect from the rear side of the case as apposed to the more conventional front position.

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