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NZXT Vulcan Case Review

The other bay which located just below the 2 5.25″ bays will also handle 2 hard drives or a floppy drive and a hard drive depending on your particular needs. NZXT provides a package of thumb screws to satisfy the drives installed here.

If we look closely at the upper drive bays the underneath has a special insulation material attached. This has been placed there so that users that have extra long graphics cards like the ATI 5970 can install their card in the Vulcan without the card making contact with the base of the metal drive cage.

We are using a Radeon 5850 in our system build and can happily say it fits with plenty of room to spare so users with the 5870 and 5970 should have no problem fitting their card into this chassis.

We put in a request for the 200mm side fan, this is an optional item but here at KitGuru we think it should be part of the ‘out of box' experience. Since our sample of the Phantom arrived just as we were finishing up this article and the fan we requested had yet to arrive, we borrowed a fan from the Phantom to get this one completed.  This fan uses a 3 pin connection to connect to the fan header on our motherboard.

Size: 200x200x30mm
Connection type: 3pin
Current: .70A
Input: 8.4W
Speed: 1300 RPM +/-10%
Air flow: 166.2 CFM / 282 m^3/h
Air Pressure: 1.82 mm H2O
Bearing: Rifle Bearing
Noise: 37.25 dBA
Life: 40,000 hours

Our system build went well without any major issue's to report. Space inside the Vulcan is limited but NZXT has presented a good job of maximizing every available inch of real estate.  We recommend taking your time with the Vulcan when you build your rig as patience will pay dividends with this chassis.  With our system build completed we can move on to some testing to see how well our components fare inside the Vulcan.

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