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Antec A40 Pro & C400 Air Cooler Review

Both the Antec A40 Pro and the C400 coolers from Antec ship in similar-looking boxes, and each have large product images on the front.

Inside, both come with essentially identical manuals, while you also get the necessary mounting hardware plus a small tube of thermal paste.

On the left we see the A40 Pro with its smaller 92mm fan. Its total dimensions are 100 x 75 x 136 mm, and this puts it in the same size category as the be quiet! Pure Rock Slim and the Cooler Master MasterAir Pro 3. This means it is a very compact air cooler, positioned in between a low-profile cooler and a more standard cooler like the Hyper 212 EVO.

That leaves the C400 on the right, and this comes with a pre-installed 120mm fan which, incidentally, sports integrated blue LEDs. It is also a fair big bigger than its cheaper counterpart, measuring 155 x 125 x 76 mm, and this makes it a direct rival to likes of the Cryorig H7 and the Hyper 212 EVO.

Both coolers feature 4 copper heatpipes, though, as well as smart-looking top-plates which definitely helps with the aesthetic side of things.

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  • Charlie Chang

    Master air pro 4 is a heatsink with 12cm fan. While antec a40 pro is only equipped with a 9cm fan. How can the performance be so identical?

  • Jim Intel Killer

    Many more variables to this, fin density and length for example, also at 1.3V you don’t actually max out the heat that 4 heatpipes can carry so there is that…

  • Aakash Vijaya

    Cooler-master-hyper-212x or antec c400 cpu cooler which one is better?