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ID-Cooling FrostFlow 240L AIO Review


All temperature charts are sorted with lowest load temperatures at the top.

As you can see from both of our tests, the FrostFlow 240L is a acually a pretty decent liquid cooler. Its performance rivals that of the MasterLiquid 280 (which is a good £30 more expensive) but the Arctic Liquid Freezer 240 is still the king of our cooling charts. Even so, it is still competitive considering its £80 price-tag.


However, the FrostFlow’s performance comes at a cost – painfully loud fans. I mean these things are seriously loud, think Corsair’s original H100i levels of noise. It is a shame really as, otherwise, this cooler offers solid performance for a good price. Unfortunately, though, as soon as the CPU comes under load, the fans sound like a jet taking off, and it is quite an annoyance.

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  • Lelisevis

    I’d also like to put out there the Coolermaster MasterLiquid 240, £70, braided tubing which looks stunning, back lit logo, excellent cooling for its price and more than acceptable noise levels and it comes with the AM4 kit.