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Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Plus Cooler Review

The heatsink itself is machined from a single block of aluminium and features 33 fins in total.  These all protrude directly from a thick block of aluminium at the base.  There is no copper to speak of which is an indicator of the budget nature of this cooler.  Arctic Cooling pre-apply the MX-4 thermal compound to the CPU block which should speed up the installation process.

We also find that the fan is supplied pre-attached to the cooler and doesn’t have to be removed during the installation process.  Thanks to the top-flow design of the cooler, it doesn’t stand very tall.  This means it’s ideal for use in cases where clearance is restricted.

The fan itself is a 92mm Arctic Cooling model which is mounted in a custom housing.  This acts as the mounting mechanism as the housing fits around the heatsink and clips into place.  The fan is PWM controlled and spins at a maximum of 2000 RPM.

Installing the Alpine 64 Plus couldn’t be much simpler.  As it’s only designed to be used with AMD based systems, you don’t need to fumble around removing Intel brackets like you do with many coolers.

Firstly, we are instructed to loosen the screws on each side of the cooler which releases the retention clips on either side.

Subsequently the cooler can be clipped into position on the motherboard and secured down by doing up the two screws.

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