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Be Quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow CPU Cooler

We can’t say that the installation guide that Be Quiet! include with the Shadow Rock Pro is the easiest to follow as every instruction is repeated in four other languages and the diagrams are quite small.

While it’s far from the worst we’ve seen, the installation process itself isn’t exactly simple so it further complicates the situation. We will be installing the cooler on an Intel Socket LGA 1155 motherboard.

First of all we have to push the four screws through the four appropriate holes on the backplate and then temporarily secure this to the back of the motherboard using the four provided rubber bands.

Then we are instructed to attach the retention brackets to each side of the CPU block using the screws provided. We can then apply the thermal paste to the CPU and place the cooler on top. Securing the cooler to the motherboard is quite difficult as we have to screw it into place from the back of the motherboard while holding the cooler in place. This process would be easier if the motherboard was already installed into a case as you wouldn’t have to hold the motherboard in place.

As you can see from the photo above there is quite a lot of clearance for RAM with tall heatspreaders although you may have to install some taller sticks before securing down the cooler as it might prevent installation. One benefit of the TopFlow design is that the fan blows air over the RAM which will help cooling.

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