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Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige 240L Review

Overall we have been very impressed with what the Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige 240L has to offer.  It delivers something different from the other all-in-one liquid CPU coolers on the market which is sure to appeal to enthusiasts.

When it came to performance we saw significantly better temperatures than all of the comparison coolers which included the impressive Corsair H100i and H110.  The only aspect of the cooler that we don’t like is the obnoxiously loud pump whine when running it at 12V.  Using 7V still yields excellent temperatures though, and the pump is near silent, so we would certainly recommend using this setting.

The mounting mechanism is much simpler than that of the Seidon 240M and makes installation quite simple.  The poor quality printed guide might scare inexperienced users however.

At a price of around £115 from WAE+, the Cooler Master Eisberg Prestige 240L is well priced.  Amazon stock it for £130 inc vat. While it is around £15 more expensive than the Corsair H100i and around £25 more expensive than the Seidon 240M and Corsair H110, it offers a significant performance advantage as well as the possibility of expanding the loop in the future.


  • Excellent performance.
  • Well priced.
  • Expandable loop.
  • Easy mounting system.


  • Poor instructions.
  • Whine with pump at 12V.

Kitguru says: An impressive enthusiast model from Cooler Master.

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Rating: 9.5.

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