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Corsair Hydro H90 and H110 (with i7-3930K) Review

The Corsair H90 is essentially a smaller version of the H110 , boasting a 140 mm radiator rather than a 280 mm model.  It’s also based on an Asetek design and is directly targeted at the NZXT Kraken X40.

While the 140 mm radiator restricts compatibility slightly, the H90 is much more widely compatible than the H110.  It will fit in most cases which have rear 140 mm vents and wont be put off by different fan spacings.  All you need is a little bit of room above and below the vent for the reservoirs at each end of the radiator.

The CPU block is identical to that on the H110.  It’s circular in shape and features a large copper contact plate which is surrounded by a ring of screws, holding everything together.

It’s much lower profile than the H80i pump as it doesn’t require extra room for Corsair Link.

Corsair have chosen to use flexible rubber tubes to connect up the CPU block to the radiator which facilitates installation.  As with the H110, the tubing isn’t as thick as Corsair’s H80i and H100i but it’s not clear how the interior dimensions compare.

The H90 uses the same fan model as the H110 which is an inexpensive feeling Corsair branded PWM unit.  It spins at a maximum of 1,500 RPM, shifting 94 CFM of air and generating a static pressure of 1.64 mm-H2O.

We would prefer to see Corsair developing a ‘Static Pressure’ fan for the 140 mm radiator but perhaps they will do this in the future.

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