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Microsoft orders massive price hike for Windows 8

In response to a very poor showing around the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has decided that it must squeeze whatever pennies are available from the few sales that are left in the desktop version of its tablet operating system. Expect big price rises for an operating system you have no intention of buying.

Say what you want about Windows users, you can’t deny that Microsoft has a sense of humour.

Word on the street is that the embattled desktop version of Windows 8 is about to undergo hyper-inflation on price.

A quick check on the Apple and Microsoft Web sites has allowed us to produce this composite image.

The maths is simple, Microsoft is now charging £190 for the operating system that few desktop users seem to want.

Apple has Mountain Lion under £14.

If you are a school, college, council, hospital, government or business person – the message is clear: At these prices, you can install Apple’s award winning operating system on 13 systems for the price of a single install on a Windows PC.

Lucky we’re not living in tough economic times.

KitGuru has already analysed the science on how Windows 8 is, officially, less popular than Vista. You can read this amazing truth here.

Microsoft has Windows 8 at £190 while Apple keeps Mountain Lion under £14. It's like a bad joke.

KitGuru says:  With a desktop operating system that seems less appealing than a weekend trip to a leper colony, has Microsoft done the right thing in ‘screwing’ the few customers who do decide to buy?

Comment below or in the KitGuru forums.

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  • AdviceMallard

    Non-apple hardwares need hackintosh, not some measly 14 quids on the go.

    Or… you can just use linux, like debian and its derivatives (ubuntu), for free?
    Not to mention steam is available in linux

  • Peter

    I’d rather pay £500 than install OSX.

  • Ken

    Tell me again what OSX’s market share is again?

  • John

    How did the comments turn into a mac v windows argument? Are windows users really all that idiotic that they can agree with Microsoft on a 400% increase just because their hatred for Apple is so high?

    I have Windows 8, I bought it as I thought £50 was good. £200? gives everyone a good excuse to hack it, crack it and warez it.

    microsoft never learn, even when they take a ‘temporary relapse’ into the world of sanity.

    Long live warez! FU ballmer

  • Tttt

    You know what makes this even worse?


    Its still an upgrade version. So if you dont have a previous version of Windows you need to buy XP, Vista or WIndows 7 first. then upgrade from there.

    What a bunch of f(*king idiots. Windows 7 cost me £200, so I needed that £200 investment first before spending another £200 on Windows 8 – which is worse.

    Bargain guvnor, as they say in London

  • bobkn

    Impressive non-news story. The expiration date of the promotional offer has been in place since the offer became available.

    That’s not to defend the “normal” price of the Win8 Pro upgrade, or compare it to OS X. I might be pleased to switch to OS X, if I didn’t have to buy hardware from Apple to install it on. (I don’t regard the Hackintosh as a sensible option.)

  • Eran

    @ bobkn. Well arent you the smarty pants then.

    I think its a relevant story because I didn’t know about an expected price rise nor did anyone else I know. They kept that close to their chest.

    Its bollocks. its not worth £50 and its not selling well, so they want £200 for it now? I wonder how many board meetings that took to get into action. Awesome!

    Ballmer is to technology as what gonorrhea is to genitalia.

  • Terrible Terrance

    I think its a very smart move by Microsoft. and I give them a lot of credit for it.

    There are around 200 people left who want it, and didnt buy it . 200x £200 compared to 200 x £50 is much better business sense. The other 5 billion people are happy with Windows 7.

  • Gonzalo

    I bought Win8 Pro with Media Center just for 15USD.
    BTW, I’m in love with the OS.

  • Silkone

    This is a poorly researched article as the price was due to be increased here so it is NOT a response to the sales.
    Microsoft gave it a low start price as an introductory offer and had plans to increase the price 1/2/2013 Since launch day.
    Disappointing article writing.

  • Koen

    There was also a reduktion for Nederlands but this price is like €240! Nevr would think an increase would be so big for upgrader version

  • Klimax

    Can somebody say what is broken article if not this article? Compare number of significant changes in MS releases and Mac and get back. Comparing those two is as wrong as it can get.

    Also it was known from start it ends on 31st, so it is same thing as with Windows 7 or Windows Vista. Were sales of 7 disappointment? Don’t think so…