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Corsair Hydro H90 and H110 (with i7-3930K) Review

The retention mechanism isn’t quite as simple as that used on the H80i, making the installation process a little more complicated.  There is a detailed installation guide included, though, which improves the situation somewhat.  It’s identical to the installation procedure of the H110.

The first step of the installation process is to prepare the retention ring for the motherboard socket.  This involves affixing clips onto the four corners, in the correct orientation for the socket in question.

Next, the backplate needs to be prepared, by pushing the screw threads into the correct holes.  Then, it can be affixed to the back of the motherboard using the foam pads provided.  We found that the backplate conflicted with a component on the back of our motherboard, meaning that it wouldn’t lay completely flat.  We were forced to modify the backplate to account for this, cutting off one of the corners.

Then, the retention ring can be attached to the pump head using the provided clip, and the thumbscrews can be put into place.  The radiator can then be installed into the case.

Finally, the CPU block can be secured down onto the motherboard.  The fan and pump also need to be connected via the 4-pin and 3-pin headers provided.

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  • Tttt

    excellent. getting the H110 next month for my new rig

  • Davis

    THey are expensive, shame they hadn’t bundled better fans, their fans were always great, like Lian Li.

  • I’m currently looking at picking up a H110 for my next build but im tied between Akasa Apache or Viper 140mm’s anyone got any suggestions?

  • Leo Heby

    How do you/they solve the Galvanic Cell problem that occurs with all copper – Aluminum cooling solutions? Are they still on the “special coolant” wagon?

  • Mark Warbington

    Why do you say that the H110 has 20mm fan spacing? All of the images appear to show the two 140mm fans touching with zero spacing, which is compatible with just about any case that supports dual 140’s.