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Alphacool unveil compact enterprise cooling solutions

When planning out a custom liquid-cooling loop, fitting all the components that make up the loop into the tight constraints of a PC chassis can sometimes cause a bit of a headache. Alphacool has come up with a solution to this problem.

A new range of liquid cooling pump/reservoir combinations has been unveiled by Alphacool. The Alphacool Eisstation DC-LT is part of the company’s enterprise solutions range and features clever new designs that save space inside small servers and workstations.

Three new products make up the entire new range, the Alphacool Eisstation 40 DC-LT is a compact pump top and reservoir that measures just 6cm in length, 4 cm wide and only 4.2 cm high. The Eisstation 40 DC-LT is designed to be mounted directly on to a 40 mm Alphacool NexXxoS radiator and can hold 30 ml liquid capacity.

Along with the Eisstation 40 comes the Eisstation 80 which features a compact design and variable mounting options, for space-restricted systems. An optionally available DC-LT pump which is offered in various performance levels has the capacity to easily operate smaller cooling loops. The Alphacool Eisstation 80 is manufactured from acetal and is extremely durable.

In addition, Alphacool has launched the Eisstation DC-LT Solo Top which is considered suitable for use in extremely tight and compact chassis. The Eisstation DC-LT Solo Top is designed to be used in conjunction with a DC-LT pump, to offer a compact and powerful solution that is sufficient for small liquid cooling loops. The DC-LT pump can also be retrofitted with a reservoir.

All three products are available to purchase from the Alphacool online store. The Eisstation 40 and 80 are priced at 29.95€ and 39.95€ respectively, the Eisstation DC-LT Solo Top is available for 21.96€.

KitGuru says: It is often a challenge fitting a custom cooling loop into small form factor chassis, Alphacool seems to have made the job simpler now, with these new products. Will any of you guys be trying them out? 

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