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be quiet! Pure Rock 2 CPU Cooler Review

Our test system is Intel Z390 based, therefore, we will be following the relevant Intel 115X socket installation procedure. Since the Pure Rock 2 is quite a simple CPU cooler, installation on both Intel and AMD platforms shouldn’t be too time-consuming.

However, Intel installation requires the fitting of a backplate to the rear of the motherboard. It’s a simple process that just requires pushing the stand offs through the relevant holes in the backplate and securing with the provided rubber O-rings. Once all four stand offs are in place, we can lower the backplate into position on the motherboard aligned with the holes.

With the motherboard now turned the correct way up, we can see the thread of the stand offs poking through the holes around the CPU socket. Next, we just need to tighten the stand off posts in position by hand until they are firmly fitted in place. Final tightening of the stand off posts can be achieved using a Philips screwdriver.

For the next part of motherboard preparation, place the upper mounting brackets in the correct orientation on top of the stand offs and align the holes that correspond to the motherboard socket type. Using the four Philips head screws provided, tighten the brackets in position until they are secure.

Place the aluminium upper mounting bar in position on top of the CPU block, apply your own thermal compound to the CPU IHS or use the pre-applied coating from be quiet! and then tighten the cooler in position using the screws provided. For optimal contact, tighten the screws progressively a little at a time.

The final part of the installation process is to fit the fan. Hold the fan up to the heatsink in your desired direction of flow and use the two spring clips to secure it in place. All that is required now is to connect the 4-pin PWM cable to the motherboard CPU_FAN header as shown.

Overall, the installation process is really straightforward, a complete CPU cooler novice shouldn’t find the process difficult using the installation guide for assistance. The process takes approximately 10 minutes to complete on an Intel platform, we expect AMD installation to be even quicker since there is no additional backplate preparation required.

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