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AMD will relaunch GPUOpen on May 15

AMD is inviting everyone to attend its online relaunch of GPUOpen this Friday, May 15th. During the event – called ‘Let's build… 2020' – AMD will share six video presentations with topics ranging from optimisations, developer tools, and new effects.

GPUOpen is an initiative that AMD began back in 2016 to promote open standards and collaboration to further push forward technology. GPUOpen has been used as a means for AMD to share its “game development and content creation software tools and technologies, with a focus on solving developer problems.”

However, AMD says that it released that GPUopen needed a “fresh coat of digital paint” and that it now has relaunched GPUOpen.com, a brand-new website. To celebrate the relaunch, AMD has released an expanded FidelityFX Suite, new tools, technologies and demos.

Image credit: AMD

To demonstrate how the new functions work, a series of six presentations will be taking place during the ‘Let's build… 2020' online event. However, the biggest focus for the event on Friday will be on four new open-source FidelityFX features – FidelityFX Screen Space Reflections, FidelityFX Ambient Occlusion, FidelityFX HDR Mapper and FidelityFX Downsampler.

“AMD has a rich tradition of supporting both open standards and open source. Today, I’m very excited to see our relaunched GPUOpen website, which marks AMD’s continued commitment to openness and the enablement of innovation. Whether its fantastic developer tools, vibrant graphical effects, or our easy-to-use SDKs; GPUOpen puts developers at the heart of everything we do.” Andrej Zdravkovic, Corporate Vice President for Software said.

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