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Bitspower launch new Advanced Multi-link G1/4″ fittings

Bitspower is launching a new range of highly secure water cooling fittings for hard tube setups. The new fittings feature a brand new locking mechanism to make them the company’s most secure fittings yet.

The new range of Advanced Multi-link series fittings for hard tube water cooling solutions from Bitspower are equipped with a new locking mechanism, that makes them a tight and secure fit over hard tubing to prevent the chance of system leaks. In addition, the new design also improves assembly times for a quicker way to complete a hard tube water cooling setup.

The new fittings are manufactured from high-quality brass and are available in a range of finishes including Shining Silver, Deluxe White, Black Matte or Black Sparkle and are designed to fit hard tubing with an outer diameter of 12mm, 14mm or 16mm.

A brand-new three-piece design makes the fittings easier to install on hard tubing. The Advanced Multi-Link range has a loose feel when not fully assembled, so requires much less force to fit over the hard tubing. Once the three pieces of the fitting are slid in place over the tube and tightened, the mechanism locks over the tube and provides a perfect seal to ensure your loop is secure and watertight.

At the moment, Bitspower has made only straight fittings available in this new design, no official word has been given on whether these will be available in angles just yet. The new Bitspower Advanced Multi-Link straight fittings are available from the Bitspower online store now, with prices starting from 200 NT$ which converts to approximately £5.00 at current exchange rates.

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KitGuru says: The new Advanced Multi-Link fittings from Bitspower should offer peace of mind, with a super tight fit and leak-free seal while looking great too. What do you guys think of these new fittings from Bitspower?

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