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Cooler Master Wraith Ripper TR4 Cooler Review

Rating: 8.0.

With the likely release of 3rd Generation Threadripper just around the corner, here at KitGuru we thought it would be an ideal opportunity to look at some potential cooling solutions for the new socket TR4 CPUs.

Cooler Master and AMD exclusively collaborated during the design of the Wraith Ripper, so it’s labelled as the official cooler for 2nd generation Threadripper. With a rating of up to 250W TDP, it should be capable of keeping the HEDT Threadripper temperatures under control.

A 44.6mm x 76.4mm heat transfer plate has been implemented into the Wraith Ripper, so unlike some of the AIO solutions adapted for Threadripper, the Wraith Ripper covers the whole IHS which should aid thermal dissipation of the 32 core 64 thread 2990WX monster.

Wraith Ripper is a dual tower design with a large cooling fin surface area. Cooler Master say the black coating enhances radiation cooling performance. A seven heat pipe array is spread out symmetrically, which should spread heat uniformly over the heatsink.

A plastic shroud, which Cooler Master have named Wraith Armour, is designed to guide the flow of air for peak cooling performance and reduce dead heat spots on the cooler. The Armour is also illuminated by a number of addressable RGB LEDs for full colour customisation.

Measuring a huge 150mm long, 132mm wide and 160mm high, the Wraith Ripper takes up a large chunk of space, so a large ATX case will be required to house it.

At around £100 in the UK the Wraith Ripper is rather expensive for an air cooing solution. With other high end coolers such as the NH-D15 from Noctua coming in at under £80, owners of Threadripper will be paying an extra premium to ensure their CPU temperatures are under control.

Key Features

  • Dual cooling towers.
  • Seven heat pipes.
  • 120mm Servo Fan.
  • Full cover thermal transfer plate.
  • Socket TR4 specific design.


  • CPU Socket – AMD TR4
  • Dimensions (L X W X H) – 150 x 132.2 x 160.5mm (5.9 x5.2 x 6.3 inch)
  • Heatsink Material – 7 Heat Pipes / Aluminium Fins
  • LED Type – Addressable RGB
  • Lighting Control Method – Wraith Ripper RGB Lighting Software
  • Lighting Power Connector – SATA Power
  • Lighting Interface – USB Connector (9 pin)
  • Fan Dimensions – 120 x 120 x 25mm (4.7 x 4.7 x 10 inch)
  • Fan Speed – 0 ̴ 2750 RPM (PWM) ± 10%
  • Fan Air Flow – 76.4 CFM (MAX)
  • FAN MTTF – 490,000 Hours
  • Fan Noise Level – 0  ̴ 38 dBA
  • Fan Power Connector – 4-Pin (PWM)
  • Fan Rated Voltage – 12 VDC
  • Fan Rated Current – 0.45 A
  • Fan Safety Current – 0.6 A
  • Fan Power Consumption – 5.4 W

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