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EKWB launch new EK-Vardar X3M 120ER fans

EK Water Blocks has introduced another update to the popular EK-Vardar fans, the new X3M 120ER versions now come with built-in ARGB lighting, revised rotors and removable rubber dampers to reduce noise and add a bit of customisation to your rig.

The brand new EK-Vardar X3M 120ER high static pressure fans feature upgrades to the lighting, new rotors and interchangeable rubber noise-reducing dampers on the four corners that are available in a series of different colours to add your own personal touch to your system. The rubber vibration dampers can be mounted for both push or pull airflow configuration and can be purchased separately in red, blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple.

X3M 120ER fans are built with durable Dual-Ball Bearings and feature a Start-Stop function for a zero dB silent operating mode. Below 25% duty cycle, power is cut to the fans and a zero RPM operating mode kicks in, once temperature increases and the fan duty cycle ramps up, the X3M fans start spinning again.

EKWB has equipped the X3M fans with an updated rotor that features a seven blade design optimised for high static pressure while keeping noise levels to a minimum. The fan rotor and frame are available in different colour options too, with various combinations of black and white frame and blades to choose from, either with or without integrated RGB lighting.

The EK-Vardar X3M 120ER fans and rubber damper kits are available to purchase from the EK Webstore now. The X3M fans are priced from €19.90 for the regular versions and €24.00 for the ARGB type. The rubber damper kits are also available in the six different colour options for €8.90.

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KitGuru says: EK-Vardar fans have offered great performance when used with water cooling radiators in the past, this new design adds more options to customise the fans to suit your PC system. What do you guys think of the new ARGB EK-Vardar X3M fans?

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