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EKWB launch the EK-Loop Multi Allen Key

EK Water Blocks is trying to make building a custom water cooling loop inside you PC a more simple process that requires less tools to complete the job. A new EK-Loop Multi Allen key tool has been launched to replace standard 6mm, 8mm and 9mm Allen keys usually needed to build the custom loop.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with custom liquid cooling loops, the fittings used in a custom loop often require tightening in place via an Allen key. There are several different size Allen keys required, which the new EK-Loop Multi Allen key fits, all in a single tool small enough to fit inside your pocket.

Another key feature of the EK-Loop Multi Allen Key is that it can also be used for tightening acetal style plugs which use a line style groove, making it even more multi-purpose. Additionally, due to its design, the EK-Loop Multi Allen Key will ensure fittings are not overtightened, something that could potentially damage plexi cooling parts.

The EK-Loop Multi Allen Key is manufactured from ABS plastic which is strong enough to tighten fittings in place. However, it has been designed to snap if too much force is applied during tightening, thus saving the user of having to potentially replace a damaged plexi water block and instead, replacing the much cheaper Multi Allen Key tool.

To make the custom loop building process even easier, EKWB is planning on shipping the EK-Loop Multi Allen Key with some of its current and new kits, including distribution plates, GPU water blocks, multi-GPU terminals, pump-res combos and more. The EK-Loop Multi Allen Key is also available to purchase separately from the EK webshop and EK distributors now for €1.90.

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KitGuru says: Another handy little product from EKWB, this will save custom loop builders from hunting around for their Allen keys when building new custom loops. What do you guys think of this new tool from EKWB?

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