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AMD teases new reference graphics card cooling solution

During AMD’s 2020 Financial Analyst day, keen-eyed viewers quickly spotted an interesting slide from the presentation that showed an AMD reference graphics card design without the trademark blower-style cooling solution of the current Navi lineup.

One user on Reddit quickly pointed this out with an image of the presentation slide and the comment “No Blower!”. The teased image from the AMD presentation clearly shows a new dual axial fan cooling solution design that mimics other cooling solutions from board partners and Nvidia, rather than the traditional blower-style of current AMD cards.

Soon after the “No blower!” comment popped up on Reddit, AMD Radeon chief Scott Herkelman actually replied to the post and confirmed that next-generation AMD Navi graphics cards will, in fact, move away from the blower to feature a dual axial fan cooling solution design which is the more common approach taken these days.

Herkelman’s response to the Reddit post was precise and simple, saying – “There will be no blower reference fans for gamers on next gen. So you are correct ;).” So while gaming graphics cards from AMD in the near future will ditch the blower-style cooling solution, professional workstation cards may not, according to Scott Herkelman’s response.

Nvidia made the switch to a dual axial fan cooling solution for its reference RTX 20 series cards, so it's not a huge surprise AMD will be doing the same. AMD made a triple axial fan solution for its Radeon VII card, before switching back to the blower-style for Navi. AMD also teased a potential RX 5600 XT reference design with dual axial fans, however, the 5600 XT series was partner exclusive. The new dual-fan design teased by AMD this week is unlike anything we have seen from AMD before and seems to be a brand-new design.

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KitGuru says: AMD teasing its new reference graphics card cooling solution got some enthusiasts excited about next-generation AMD graphics cards. What do you guys think of this new dual fan design and what it means for the performance of future AMD graphics cards?

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