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Aqua Computer launches OCTO, an 8-channel fan controller smaller than a credit card

Aqua Computer has announced a new 8-channel controller for PWM fans, called OCTO. Following QUADRO, the company’s 4-channel fan controller, OCTO was designed to have more fan channels and lightning effects.

Measuring in smaller than a credit card (76x48x15mm), the OCTO, named after the 8 fan outputs it boasts, also has 2 RGBpx channels to connect Aqua Computer’s RGBpx LED products or other of the compatible LED products from third-party manufacturers. Each of these 2 RGBpx channels can handle up to 90 LEDs.

Additionally, OCTO features a signal output to connect the controller to a power button or a motherboard, and a flow connector and four temperature channels for monitoring. If users want to connect the controller to Aqua Computer’s aquaero 5/6, there’s also an aquabus output included.

The OCTO is connected to the motherboard through USB and configured through Aqua Computer’s software, aquasuite. Although the controller doesn’t need aquasuite to work, it’s a requirement to exchange temperature values between the controller and the motherboard.


On the outside, the housing is made of anodised aluminum with a rubber surround. To mount the controller, the rubber band and the aluminum panel have to be removed. Below the panel, the controller’s board comes with a 2.5-inch standard hole spacing that can be attached to a 2.5-inch bay or put on the top/bottom of an SSD.

Each of the eight channels can be switched off and deliver up to 25W, up to a total maximum of 100W due to the power limitation from the PSU’s cables. Each channel also has overload protection, preventing damage to the fans.

If you want to know more about the OCTO, you can check the Aqua Computer forum post HERE.

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