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Cryorig returns with R5 CPU cooler and Crona 120 ARGB fans

It has been a while since we last had an update from Cryorig, but that changes today. This week, Cryorig is launching its R5 CPU cooler, complete with a new mounting design and dual 120mm fans with high air pressure. 

With the launch of the new R5 CPU cooler, Cryorig is debuting its new Qlick-Mount mounting system with One Hand Installation. The Crona 120 fans also innovate by featuring a “3-dimensional lighting structure” that enhances the lighting of the ARGB LEDs instead of the standard square fan design.

The Cryorig R5 is the second R series high-performance cooler. This dual-fan CPU cooler comes with a heatsink designed to “stay within the mainboard's CPU Keep-Out-Zone”, avoiding interference with the RAM modules even on Intel's HEDT platforms (x99/299). The cooler features 6x 6mm copper heat pipes, 48x fins, and a pure copper nickel-plated Convex-Align cooler base.

The two fans included with the cooler are the XF140 with a rotational speed ranging from 700RPM to 1300RPM (±10%). Featuring a rated noise level of up to 23dB, a maximum rated airflow of 76CFM, and an air pressure of 1.44mmH20, these fans allow the R5 cooler to handle a TDP of up to 200W. The R5 CPU cooler is compatible with Intel LGA2066, LGA2011(-3), and 115X CPU sockets, and AMD FM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+, and AM4 CPU sockets.

The Crona 120 fans were designed to highlight their lighting effects by removing the square frame around the fan. Available in black and white, the Crona 120 fans feature an unobstructed 3-D lighting halo that can be seen from both the side and front. These fans include an RGB controller and remote that allows you to choose one of the 14 speed presets and adjust the lighting effects. You can also use the 12V or 5V ARGB inputs to synchronise with other ARGB LEDs in your system through the motherboard RGB software or through a standalone RGB controller.

These fans have a rated speed ranging from 400RPM to 1700RPM (±10%), generating a maximum airflow of up to 60.6CFM and maximum air pressure of 2.65mmH2O. The maximum rated noise level is 29.7dbA.

Cryorig also announced the launch of “Spares Kit in response to customer expectations”. These kits include a backplate, fan clips, screws, and a cable.

The Cryorig R5 CPU cooler and Crona 120 ARGB fans are available now. Pricing of these Cryorig products has not been shared yet. You can learn more about the Cryorig R5 CPU cooler HERE, and for the Crona 120 fan HERE.

KitGuru says: Have you ever owned a Cryorig cooler or fan? How well did they perform? What do you think about Cryorig's upcoming products?

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