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Super Flower introduces the Neon series of CPU coolers

It seems that Super Flower is getting back into the CPU cooler market with three new products. Besides the Neon 122 air tower cooler, Super Flower will also launch two Neon AIO liquid coolers – the Neon 240 and the Neon 360. 

Starting with the Neon 122, this cooler features a single 120mm ARGB fan with a hydraulic bearing that pushes up to 65 CFM of air through the aluminium heatsink thanks to its maximum speed of 1800RPM. This heatsink connects to the base through four 6mm copper heat pipes that make direct contact with the CPU's thermal interface.

The top of the heatsink has a silicone diffuser with 24 ARGB LEDs and a brushed aluminium bezel with Super Flower's logo. Both the ARGB LEDs on the fans and on the silicone diffuser are compatible with MSI Mystic Light, Asus Aura Sync, and other motherboard RGB software. The Neon 122 supports Intel LGA 2066/2011(V3)/115x/1366/775 and AMD AM4/AM3(+)/AM2(+)/FM2(+)/FM1 sockets. Additionally, it's rated for a 120W TDP.

The Neon 240 AIO liquid cooler, as the name implies, features a 240mm radiator and 2x 120mm RGB fans with a maximum speed of 1800RPM, with each pushing up to 78CFM of air. The Neon 360 features a bigger 360mm radiator, therefore it comes with 3x 120mm ARGB fans with the same specifications as the ones used on the Neon 240. Additionally, the CPU block of both coolers has the Super Flower logo with 12 ARGB LEDs illuminating it.

The ARGB LEDs on the Neon AIO liquid coolers can be synchronized with your system through most motherboards' RGB software, but there's also an included RF remote control just in case you don't use that type of software. Both are compatible with Intel LGA 2066/2011(V3)/115x/1366/775 sockets, as well as AMD AM4/AM3(+)/AM2(+)/FM2(+)/FM1. Additionally, the Neon 360 comes with a bracket to support the TR4 and sTRX4 sockets.

Super Flower hasn't revealed pricing or availability details yet but we'll update once that information comes through.

KitGuru says: Have you ever used a CPU cooler from Super Flower? Out of these three, which one would you choose for your system?

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