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Computex 2019: ASRock joins the X570 party

Our coverage of Computex 2019 continues with a look at ASRock and what to expect from them for the rest of the year. Not only do we have a good look at the current slate of X570 motherboards, but there is also some talk of PCIe 4.0 SSDs getting another upgrade in the future that will enable even faster speeds than what we have seen already this week. 

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Alongside AMD's 3rd generation of Ryzen processors this week, we also have the launch of the X570 chipset, which in turn means we are finally making the jump over to PCIe 4.0. The increased bandwidth made available with PCIe 4.0 has already paved the way for new SSD speed heights but as Leo notes in the video above, the folks at Phison, who make SSD controllers, have next-gen tech in the works already that will allow speeds faster than 5,000MB/s.

Now onto ASRock's new X570 motherboard selection. We start off with the Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3, which has massive heatsinks sitting over the I/O and VRMs, as well as active cooling sitting over the chipset. Thunderbolt 3 has also been added to this board, which is a break away from tradition as Thunderbolt support is typically found on Intel systems. It is a great looking motherboard all around for Mini-ITX fans but we don't have a clue on pricing yet, which is a running theme this week. Apparently manufacturers have been asked by AMD to keep pricing details quiet until we are closer to the retail launch of 3rd Gen Ryzen.

The X570 Phantom Gaming X is a more conventional high-end motherboard, with thermal armour spreading across the PCIe slots, chipset and VRMs with plenty of RGB thrown in. The X570 Aqua is very unique, putting a monoblock over the motherboard for full water cooling. Underneath all of that water cooling gear is the X570 Creator from ASRock, which will be available on its own for those who don't fancy water cooling their entire motherboard.

One of the cool things about the X570 Creator is that it has a DisplayPort attached to the surface of the motherboard, so if you have a GPU with an internal connection, you can plug it straight in to the motherboard instead of feeding a long cable through.

Towards the end of our video, Leo gives a quick rundown of the X570 Pro4 series, which hasn't changed much but will be available in updated form to fully support the new tech AMD has brought to the table this week.

KitGuru Says: ASRock has some really interesting motherboards coming in time for AMD's new processors. We look forward to taking a closer look in the months to come. 

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