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Computex 2019: Deepcool revamps its AIO liquid coolers

Over in Taipei, today Leo has been traversing the Computex show floor, and he stopped by Deepcool to see what new hardware there was on show. It seems Deepcool is focusing on its liquid coolers this year as we didn't spot any new cases – but there were a LOT of AIOs.

Starting with a series many of our readers will be familiar with, Leo looked at the Captain EX range. These have a very distinctive CPU block/pump design, with an exposed tube that bends out from the top of the pump, over to the side.  One change Deepcool has made with the updated Captain EX models we saw, is that this external tubing is now made of metal, where it was previously glass or plastic. We're not sure if this is a purely aesthetic change, or if it is meant to be more durable than the previous material, but it is worth noting.

This updated Captain EX series is still available in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes, while you also have a choice of black or white. All new models also support Deepcool's patented Anti-leak Tech which we first saw in the Captain 240 Pro.

Elsewhere, Leo also got a look at the Castle series. This again sports new Anti-leak Tech, but one key feature is the removable and swappable plates on the CPU block/pump – the top lifts off and you can essentially clip on any small logo or design that you want, making it perfect for modders. On top of this, Deepcool is keen to stress its double-chamber pump design, which may not be important for us in the UK, but in the US this lets Deepcool get around Asetek's patented pump designs.

Lastly, at the bottom of the range we got a look at the Gammaxx V2, again with Anti-leak Tech. Gammaxx V2 has a traditional pump which is purely functional, but with Gammaxx V3, Deepcool has implemented a rotatable pump top – so you can always get logo the right way around, something which isn't always the case depending on how the radiator and tubing is oriented in your case. It's a small touch, but one we are sure a lot of system builders will appreciate.

KitGuru says: We didn't see any new cases from Deepcool, but the updated line of liquid coolers is looking as good as ever.

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