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Deepcool Captain 120 EX, 240 EX and 360 EX RGB Liquid Coolers Review

Rating: 8.0.

Over the past couple of years we have looked at various Deepcool liquid coolers – from the original Captain 240, to the updated 240 EX as well as the 120 EX. Today we assess the Captain 240 EX RGB, the principal difference (when compared to the previous model) being the RGB lighting. In 2017, what more could you want?

The new Deepcool Captain EX RGB series is available in three of the most common liquid cooler sizes: 120mm, 240mm and 360mm, so there should be something for everyone here. In this review are primarily focusing on the 240 EX RGB, however we have also included performance figures for the other two models as well.


  • LED Strip: 350mm × 1 pc
  • Fan Dimensions: 120X120X25mm(2PCS)
  • Net Weight: 1343±10g
  • Fan Speed: 500±200-1800±10%RPM
  • Fan Air Flow: 153.04CFM(MAX)
  • Fan Air Pressure: 3.31mmH2O(MAX)
  • Fan Life Expectancy: 50000 hours
  • Fan Noise Level: 17.6~31.3dB(A)
  • Fan Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing
  • Fan Connector: 4Pin
  • Fan Rated Voltage: 12VDC
  • Fan Rated Current: 0.12A
  • Fan Power Consumption: 1.44W
  • Main system Dimensions: 92.5X93X85mm
  • Radiator Dimensions: 274X120X27mm
  • Radiator Material: Aluminium
  • Pump Life Expectancy: 120000 hours
  • Pump Connector: 3Pin
  • Pump Operating Voltage: 6~13.8VDC
  • Pump Rated Voltage: 12VDC
  • Pump Speed: 2100±10%RPM
  • Pump Current: 0.15A(Max)
  • Pump Power Consumption: 1.8W
  • Tubing Length: 310mm

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