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Deepcool Captain 120 EX, 240 EX and 360 EX RGB Liquid Coolers Review

The Deepcool Captain 240 EX RGB ships in a dark box with unmissable RGB accents – welcome to 2017!

Inside, the manual is quite brief but is straightforward and easy to follow.

All of the installation hardware comes in one big bag, but there are labelled bags inside for different sockets which is very helpful. The EX RGB coolers also come with 1x RGB strip (2 strips for the 360mm model) which will sync directly with the pump’s lighting.

The included fans are not RGB, however, but they are colour-neutral so their appearance will not interfere with the lighting you configure.

The liquid cooler itself is pretty conventional, and aside from the all-black aesthetic, it is identical to the original Captain 240 EX – so the radiator measures 27mm thick while the pump retains its unique ‘reactor-style’ appearance with the exposed tubing.

The difference with the pump, though, is the RGB lighting. This is evident when looking beneath the blades on the top of the pump, as you can see the white-ish LED housing which will illuminate any colour of your choice.

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