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Noctua introduces new Chromax fans, cables and heatsink covers

Noctua has a reputation for making the best fans and air-coolers around. The only major issue putting off some buyers has been the beige/brown colour scheme. That is changing this year, as Noctua has just introduced its new ‘Chromax’ line of fans, cables and heatsink covers, allowing users to customise their colour options to better suit their build.

As Noctua’s CEO, Roland Mossig explains, over the years Noctua has been “an engineering-driven company” that often focusses on performance and quality, rather than aesthetics. However, the company also understands that “many customers put an emphasis” on how their rig looks. With that in mind, Noctua is launching its Chromax series, which is “ideal for those who care about looks just as much as quality and performance”.

Noctua has received well over 100 awards and recommendations for its coolers over the years. Now, its coolers will also be available in ‘Chromax’ form. Chromax fans will be all black, with swappable anti-vibration corner pads in multiple colours. There will also be Chromax heatsink covers, so you can put a coated aluminium shell over the silver heatsink found on many Noctua coolers. These will also offer different colour accents, so you can keep your cooler looking consistent with the rest of your build. Finally, there will also be Chromax cables too, so your fan cables won’t stand out from the rest of your hardware.

If you want to check out the full range of Chromax fans, heatsink covers, cables and anti-vibration pads, you can find them all HERE.

KitGuru Says: Noctua’s coolers are amongst the best of the best performance wise and now it looks like they’ll be able to duke it out with the competition aesthetically too. Albeit, at a higher cost as additional accessories are sold separately. Do any of you use a Noctua cooler?

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