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The Xbox Series X isn’t as hot as some people say

When the Xbox Series X was first given to a number of online influencers, one of the initial concerns noted was how hot the system seemingly got. While most likely hyperbolic, some claimed that the next-gen console ran hot enough to heat up the room, being hot to the touch. Digital Foundry have now analysed the heat and power consumption of the Series X, revealing that the situation is much less dire than some seem to think.

Notable video game technology analysts Digital Foundry were given a pre-launch Xbox Series X console, allowing them to perform a number of stress tests on the system in order to discover whether the console did indeed run as hot as some have claimed. From their findings, it appears as though the Series X maxed out at 62 degrees celsius. While this is undeniably warm, it represents an increase of only 20-30% over the One X.

(Image Source: Digital Foundry/ YouTube)

Furthermore, it appears as though the Xbox Series X consumes much less power than the One X. From Digital Foundry's findings, Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X ran at 170w, whereas the Series X consumed a notable amount of power less, at 151w. This lower power consumption continues throughout, with the Series X using 0.5w of power when in sleep mode, compared to the One X which could go as high as 2w.

Of course, it is worth noting that the Series X’s power consumption and heat dissipation have currently only been tested on last, and cross-gen titles. It will be interesting to see just how much the system is pushed during the latter years of its life.

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