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Antec Kühler H20 620 Liquid Cooler Review

Corsair had great success with the Asetek manufactured H50 and H70 liquid coolers. The combination of easy fitting, low noise levels and excellent cooling performance ensured very healthy sales figures.

The Antec Kühler H20 620 Liquid Cooler is set to continue the success story for the rebranded Asetek products. This product is slightly different however, because it is not listed as an OEM product by Asetek and there are no specifications detailed either. Asetek direct interested parties to the Antec product page. We have no idea of the pump flow and fan airflow characteristics, but as the hoses are thicker on the Kühler product, we would assume that the water flow has been improved from the previous generation products.

The Kühler is an excellent performance cooler ideal for use within an overclocked system. It is clearly superior to the older designs and manages to keep up with the Corsair H70, which has dual fans, a thicker radiator and emits more noise in performance mode.

It still can’t outperform the Noctua NH D14, but there are key benefits with the Kühler design. For one, it takes up less physical space and ensures that other components can be easily accessed, such as memory modules. While the NH D14 can cause fitting problems for oversized memory heatspreaders, the Kühler can be paired with any memory on the market.

Installation of the Kühler is extremely easy, although the instructions could be worded a little more clearly. The build quality is top class and all of the individual components look perfectly capable of withstanding many years of abuse.

The pricing is the icing on the cake, at £45 inc vat in the UK, this is easily one of the biggest bargains so far, this year.


  • Price point is fantastic
  • fan speed is adjusted automatically
  • CPU cooling performance is class leading
  • no maintenance required
  • very quiet, even when fully loaded
  • build quality is excellent


  • no means to expand to chipset or GPU coolers

Kitguru says: One of the finest performance CPU coolers on the market. Pricing is exceptionally good also.

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Rating: 9.0.

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