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nVidia launches GTX550 (with 3 variants)

Anyone who looks at the existing nVidia line up for the GTX 400 and 500 series, will quickly come to the conclusion that they are almost out of numbers. Nevertheless, that has not stopped the Santa Clara team for pushing out yet another SKU. Is the market ready for the GTX550 ?  KitGuru investigates.

The GTX460 changed the game for nVidia. Following the hot-n-sweaty 465, it was a revelation. Finally, gamers could see why so much fuss had been made around the Fermi products, game on!

Looking at the present nVidia range, it has some stars in it, no doubt, but as you move up the price range – the gap between products gets bigger and bigger.

What nVidia really needs is something in the affordable mid-range, that can compete with AMD’s amazingly successful 5700 series.

Today it’s launching one new card, but partners like Asus already have several variants lines up – with core clocks from 900MHz to a whopping 1.015GHz.

Advanced cooling solutions from partners like Asus should push GTX550 onto any nVidia fanbois mid-range options list - especially when the 'out of box' experience is over 1GHz

KitGuru says: Hard to ignore clocks over 1GHz when the card is set to retail around £149 inc vat. KitGuru Labs is putting these cards through their paces and will report back shortly.

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