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FaceBook hack means girl has to cancel birthday party

An Australian teenage girl posted a birthday invitation on Facebook, but due to a system hack she received more than 20,000 RSVP's.

The 15 year old girl, identified as ‘Jess' had posted her address, home phone number and mobile number for her 16th birthday party on March 26th.

She wrote ‘Its an open house party as long as it doesn't get out of hand'. She also encouraged friends to bring other friends to improve the numbers. Obviously she had very understanding parents.

Hacking group' Anonymouse' may have been behind the hack, according to Fox News, as some of the comments on the invite included their logo. A 17 year old boy was charged last night for his alleged involvement.

The young girl had invited a few friends but didn't know how to use the privacy settings on Facebook to block strangers from viewing the party invitation. Apparently she was anxious that no one would turn up for her party.

Within 24 hours and after 20,000 RSVP's were sent, she wrote ‘Its F**kin off'. Obviously by then her temper had snapped.

KitGuru says: Facebook have not commented on this yet, but its a good indication that people should be aware of their privacy settings. Either that or they could pick up the phone and invite people the old fashioned way.

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